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Tell them when something's wrong!

Posted by Lani Wingate on December 14, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Demand great service!  When customer service goes really  wrong you need to let them know.  Take your pen out and tell them what went wrong and send it to the CEO.   If you don't, then don't expect anything more than poor service.  I'd surely want a customer of mine to tell me when they see something’s wrong.  So I can get it fixed. This happened the other day.......

Subject:  Terrific examples of  XXXX Customer Service

Dear XX:

On June 18, 2011 at 10AM I visited your Charlotte, NC store located at XXXXX, Charlotte, NC 28273,  XXXXX  is the Store Manager..  I was there to get some documents printed. There were very few customers in the store and I waited for the lady inthe printing department to finish helping her customer. 

First, I want to compliment this lady because she knew the customer in front of me by name and was letting her know other ways to save money when printing.  I knew I would be taken care of very well by your employee. 

The customer in front of me tried to pay with a company check and the POS returned a NSF and your employee called the on-duty manger, XXXX, and was told to call and do a check verify.  Your employee looked at me and said I’ll get you some help because this could take afew minutes.  She then called the store manager back and was looking in his direction when she got her answer.  She looked at me and said I’ll be with you in a minute.  I looked over at the manager and he was talking to a young cute cashier and there were no customers anywhere near the main check out.  Your employee began to call the check verify number as I watched your manager continue speaking with the cashier.

I asked your helpful employee if she wanted me to call the manager over to help and she said no. Well, I stared at the manager until he was looking in my direction and raised my arm all the way up and started waving my hand to get his attention.  Once he was looking straight at me I signaled him to come over and he looked directly at me and shook his head NO.  I freaked and the other customer, who watched the whole event, turned to me with a look of OMG.  I have never been told NO by a manager in anystore of any kind in my life.  I was truly shocked.

I asked your helpful employee for my print outs and proceeded to the cashier your manager XXX was speaking with.  As soon as I got near the cashier he took off at a fast pace.  I asked the cashier why he didn’t come over and help me and she responded, “He doesn’t have to, he’s the manager.”   Whoa!  The first thing that popped into my mind is the only reason she said that is because he told her that. 

XXX, I don’t know what customer service means to you and I don’t know what leading by example means to you and I don’t think that XXX has 100s of competitors to go to, but I do know that this can’t be the “World Class please the customer to keep them coming back” customer service philosophy that you train and hope your manager’s and employee’s live by to keep your company inbusiness.

I don’t want your gift card as an apology but, I will tell you that if I walk into your store and see XXX will walk out.



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